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Image and Media Technology


Year 2


1 or 2 (start in September or February)




Dutch / English (please see below for more information on language)

Course information

At the Image & Media Technology (IMT) department we foster media-designers. When attending the course you learn to develop and visualize narratives, short stories and experiences by using various media. IMT educates critical makers and designers of innovative media products with a strong screen-based and audio-visual backbone. Concept-development with a focus on the creative process are the nexus of our course. Support and basic instructions in technical skills provide you with the necessary tools for developing your concepts. The output of your projects may vary from short films and moving images to spatial - interactive - installations, video mapping, or Augmented Reality experiences.

The curriculum

The first year is strongly focused on design and research skills in which the students acquaint themselves with design methodologies and practice based-research skills through a number projects. Technical skills form an underlying foundation for the projects and help the student gaining a broad hands-on knowledge in various technologies, software and hardware.

The exchange semester

The second year’s program is a blend of projects and technical-skills instruction. The projects however, are more collaborative in nature and seek connection with external co-creators, like Bring Your Own Beamer festival and Cinedans. This creates opportunities for practice in exhibiting and presenting your work. The IMT Course is open for exchange during the first and second semester of this second year, meaning you will take part in collaborative work while attending a sufficient amount of classes and instructions to help enrich your design capacities and skills.

In week 9 and week 10 of the exchange semester you participate in an intensive seminar program (MED-SEM-..-23). There are no regular classes during those weeks.

In the seminars you

  • Look beyond the wals of your own professional field, traditions and working processes.
  • Gain new experiences and discover new interests.
  • Experience different materials, experiments, disciplines, working methods, insights.

Programme for exchange students Image and Media Technology semester 1

Course: Number of ECTS credits: Code and module description 2024-2025:
Project 5 12 IMT-2-PRO5-21
Project 6 8 IMT-2-PRO6-21
Medialabs 2 MED-SKL-23
Seminars 2 SEM-MED..-23
Individual Project 1 IMT-2-IP-22
Media NL 5 ENG-MEDNL-22

Click on code in the schedule above to download the official course description (pdf).

For a short overview and information on all the modules, please click here

Programme for exchange students Image and Media Technology semester 2

Course: Number of ECTS credits: Code and module description 2024-2025:
Project 7 8 IMT-2-PRO7-22
Project 8 10 IMT-2-PRO8-20
Medialabs 2 MED-SKL-23
Seminars 2 SEM-MED..-23
Media NL 5 ENG-MEDNL-22
Individual Project 1 IMT-2-IP-22
Exchange PEO 2 code and link follow asap

Click on code in the schedule above to download the official course description (pdf).

This is the indicative programme for the second semester. Additional information will be added soon.


  • You have a critical, investigative attitude and broad cultural and social interests;
  • You take initiative and work well independently, in a group and in interaction with your teachers;
  • You are curious and pro-active in your creative process;
  • You are able to develop strong concepts and work on a personal vision;
  • You are capable of shaping, and communicating your concepts in an authentic and personal way;
  • You possess sufficient technical skills to develop and visualise your ideas.

Place in the curriculum and related courses

This course is an obligatory regular part of year 2 of the Bachelor of Design in Image and Media Technology.


Please note that the Bachelor programme is mainly taught in Dutch and it is helpful for exchange students to be able to understand some Dutch. It is quite common that exchange students don't understand Dutch on a high level when they start an exchange at HKU Media and you will of course be supervised in English.