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Students and lecturers at HKU work at the crossroads of technology, media and creativity. We strive for human effectiveness rather than technical efficiency. In our daily practice, we show the potential of creativity for overcoming problems that at first glance can't be solved logically. Our approach is technology-agnostic, subject-independent and highly adaptable.

Computer and video games play an ever more important role in (youth) culture. At the same time, the creative domain of designing games is rapidly becoming more professionalised. The Game Design programme examines and creates prototypes for new and innovative game concepts and applications both for entertainment and applied purposes. The The HKU Games Design course was the first was the first in Europe to focus primarily on the creative game design discipline and helped pioneer the Dutch applied games industry.

In the international exchange programme you will participate in 2 interdiscipinary projects, 2 game design focused core modules and a selection of supporting modules that explore relevant specialized subjects.

Programme for exchange students Games (start September)

Course: Code and description 2023-2024: ECTS Credits:
Core module Game Design - Rapid Prototyping GDS-2-RAPIDPR-21 4
Core module Game Design - Game Feel GDS-2-GAMEFEE-21 4
Project: Show Me G&I-2-SHOWME-20 6
Project: Hybrid G&I-2-HYBRID-20 6
Applied game design G&I-UU-AGD-20 4
Elective courses (choose 2 out of 3):
Interface Design G&I-2-KINTFDE-16 2
Sound, Games & Interaction G&I-2-KSOGAIN-18 2
Exploring Mixed Realities G&I-2-KMIXREA-21 2
Elective courses (choose 1 out of 2):
Behavioural Science G&I-2-KBEHSC2-20 2
Gamify G&I-2-KGAMIFY-16 2

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The exchange programme consists of 2nd year modules.

Please note

The programme is focused on both physical and digital games for entertainment and applied purposes, and covers individual work and group work. This course entails collaboration with students from HKU School of Games and may also involve students from other HKU schools, Utrecht University and/or international partners.

For this course, a laptop capable of running Unity Engine is mandatory, and familiarity with Unity Engine is highly recommended.