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Fine Art


Year 3


1 or 2 (September or February)





Course information

The Bachelor of Fine Art course is practical and substantive, focusing on the development of your own visually expressive criteria. This is the starting point for your artistic vision and your work.

During your stay at HKU Fine Art, you will take part in the obligatory theoretical lessons in art and culture. Apart from these obligatory subjects, you choose your individual study path by choosing specific teachers that are all active professionals in the framework of contemporary art.

Because pluriformity is key in our education we weekly invite relevant guest artists for lectures and extra studio visits. All fine art exchange students meet with their mentor on a weekly basis on art affairs and the tutor is available for any other questions concerning their stay and study.

The Bachelor of Fine Art course offers you an opportunity to study as individually as possible. You will have access to studio space, where you will be able to develop your talents to the optimum. The course is practical and substantive. Authenticity, curiosity and amazement are highly important. The development of your own visual-expressive criteria, demands and rules form the starting point for your artistic vision, and therefore your work.

At the end of each semester, you will make an overall presentation for the evaluation.

Semester 1

Course: ECTS Credits: Codes 2024-2025:
Exhibition of work of Art 2 BK-X-EXHA-19
Individual activities and Performances 3 BK-X-IAPA-19
Individual Study Path 15 BK-X-ISPA-19
Art in Context 3 AUT-3-KICA-17
Art History 2 AUT-3-KUG3A-17
Mentor Group Exchange 3 BK-X-MEXA-19
Presentation / Assessment 2 AUT-3-WS3A-15

Semester 2

Course: ECTS Credits: Codes 2024-2025:
Professional Preparation 1B 3 AUT-3-VBB1B-20
Individual activities and Performances 2 BK-X-IAPB-19
Individual Study Path 15 BK-X-ISPB-19
Art in Context 3 AUT-3-KICB-17
Art History 2 AUT-3-KUG3B-17
Mentor Group Exchange 3 BK-X-MEXB-19
Presentation / Assessment 2 AUT-3-WS3B-15

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Course goals and learning objectives:

In order to gain admission to this course, you must at least be culturally and socially curious and involved. You must also be creative and have a visual-expressive talent, perseverance and a critical attitude, and be able to work independently.

You need to demonstrate sufficient visual-expressive talent, perseverance, a critical attitude and an ability to work independently.

  • Capacity for critical reflection
  • Capacity for growth and innovation
  • Communication skills
  • Creative skills
  • Organizational skills

Place in the curriculum and related courses

This course is an obligatory regular part of year 3 of the BA of Fine Art at HKU Fine Art.

Please note

This course offers you an opportunity to study as individually as possible, working in your own studio space. This requires a lot of perseverance and a critical attitude. You must be able to work independently (if your main subject is Digital Media, Drawing, Intermedia, Printmaking, Painting, or Sculpture, you will not have lessons in the strict sense. You will work independently and your teachers will visit you and your studio on a regular, scheduled basis).

We would like you to bring a digital portfolio to show teachers at the beginning of your exchange.

*An exchange period at HKU Fine Art is only possible for 1 semester (start in September or start in February)