Tips for your admissions portfolio

Do you want make a good impression in the admissions procedure for one of our programmes? Use these tips to put together a fine portfolio.

Let your portfolio show who you are 

Your portfolio (on paper) should reflect how you see yourself and your work. There is no precise formula for creating a good portfolio but here are our handy tips to help you.
  • Show work that you have produced in the last two years. This is just a guide – what matters is that the work is recent.

  • Show as much variety as possible.
    Examples are:

    • Two-dimensional work
    • Drawings
    • Paintings
    • Graphics
    • Spatial work (bring photos if your work is difficult to transport)
    • Collages
    • Photos
    • Digital work
    • Film
  • Show how you made the work. Use notes, sketches, dummies, etc. to show as much of your work process and thought process as you can.

  • Sketches, ideas and unfinished work are just as valuable to us as a ‘finished’ product.

  • Make sure you show us lots of work – 20 pieces or more.

  • Select your work based on originality and individuality. Show us as personal a picture as you can.

  • Don’t forget to include a textual description of what you've made so that the context of your work is clear.

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