If You Are Not There, Where Are You? - Henny Dörr & Falk Hübner

Henny Dörr and Falk Hübner wrote a publication on the outcomes of their project If you are not there, where are you? (IYANTWAY).
If You Are Not There, Where Are You? - Henny Dörr & Falk Hübner
The publication 'If you are not there, where are you?' complied by Henny Dörr and Falk Hübner, explores the findings of the project (IYANTWAY). The goal of this project was to find an idiom for expressing the often uncomprehended experiences children have during epileptic absence seizures. Together with the children, artists depict these invisible experiences. In the book, many authors give their views on this unique project.

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About Falk Hübner and Henny Dörr

Henny Dörr’s fields are dramaturgy, scenography and artistic research. She is the course leader of an international Master’s programme in Scenography and a researcher with the Performative Creative Processes professorship at HKU.

Postdoc researcher Falk Hübner is leading the project Common Ground, which explores the practice, philosophy and ethics of research. The project will develop a framework for various research methodologies within HKU and elsewhere. Hübner is also designing a methodological model that can provide a reference point for artistic research.

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