THE ART of bringing people together

The transition from staying at home to living in an elderly care centre is a drastic one. Along with the loss of the familiar home, possessions, environment and routines, people lose their social contacts as well. And the ones that remain, often get much different. Three artists are investigating with the residents of care centre Topaz, their loved ones and caretakers, how they can maintain their valuable social contacts.

Duration: May 2023 to October 2023

Three artists are settting out on a six-month experience-based research track at Topaz care centre. They are focusing on the question: 'How can we ensure that important relations are maintained during and after moving to a elderly care centre?'

They will stay in one of the homes at Topaz for six months to get the full experience of what it's like there, especially when moving in. They are present and are in touch with the residents and cooperate with the volunteers, family members and other close contacts that are ( or are not) present at Topaz.

Along they way, they will experience what happens to the relations of the people who move in here. In their own artistic way, they involve those related to the residents in these experiences, which can lead to new perspectives on the issue of elderly care.

Artists involved

  • Mandy Pietjouw (HKU)
  • Robin Krijgsman (HKU)
  • Rimanta Tavoraite (Fontys)

HKU staff involved

  • Gjilke Keuning (intendant)
  • Jitske Hirs (relations manager)
  • Erwin Slegers (teacher, curator, artist's supervisor)
  • Nirav Christophe (lector Performative Creative Processes)

Cooperating partners

  • Topaz
  • Fontys School of Fine & Performing Arts

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