Students of Product Design show graduation works in AG

  • 25 april 2024
Fourteen students of HKU Product Design are currently offering a sneak preview of their graduation work. In the expo DIE ZIJN ER (a Dutch wordplay on the term ‘designer’) they explore what product design means for them and play in a light-hearted manner with the expectations that the terms product and design evoke in the audience.
Students of Product Design show graduation works in AG
The exhibition in AG serves as a sort of try-out for the students. In June they will be graduating with these works during HKU Exposure. In AG, they can already gain some valuable experience with exposing their work as a collective. The students are present themselves, mostly as duos, during the opening hours of AG to discuss their work with the audience.

Instantly noticeable is the diversity of their work, in which craftsmanship and conceptualisation go hand in hand. The exhibition area contains as much as fourteen projects, but looks and feels very open and spaceous. The expo and the artists can be visited up until 4 May.

Open: Wednesday to Saturday, 13:00 – 18:00
Note that AG is closed on 27 April (King’s Day)