HKU appoints Fabiola Camuti as professor Creative Makership and Learning

  • 09 november 2023
This January, HKU is starting the new professorship Creative Makership and Learning, for which Prof. Fabiola Camuti has been appointed as professor (‘lector’). Learning is an important aspect at HKU in multiple ways, both in the education we offer and the research we conduct. The Professor of Creative Makership and Learning will bring a new perspective on current questions in the art education, with a focus on innovation and links with HKU guiding lights.
HKU appoints Fabiola Camuti as professor Creative Makership and Learning

Heleen Jumelet, chair of the HKU Executive Board: “Transferring knowledge and the skills of making art and designs is an important aspect in all of HKU’s educational programmes and research projects. Sharing knowledge about learning is therefore crucial for effective education. How can we give our art education its optimal form? How and for what do we teach our students? And how can we ensure that the HKU community and the professional field also keep educating themselves? For these reasons, we as HKU are very pleased to have Fabiola Camuti develop a new perspective on ‘learning how to learn’.”

Prof. Fabiola Camuti is currently working as senior researcher in Art education as critical tactics at ArtEZ and will start at HKU in January 2024. Fabiola Camuti: “Art education serves as a cornerstone of critical reflection on the established perspectives on learning and of search for new perspectives. By harnessing the potential of art and creativity, we boldly confront the familiar hierarchies and pave the road for innovative, more horizontal structures. I’m starting this new adventure at HKU with great enthusiasm, ready to cooperate with a diverse team of researchers, lecturers, students and stakeholders in society on an inspiring (international) research agenda about education for – and through – the arts.”

Creative Makership and Learning

Knowledge about learning is essential for us as an arts university. Not just for optimising our own programmes, but also for the functions that our students will serve after that in the professional field. This new professorship, exploring how interaction and knowledge transferring can be optimised, and working closely with the HKU Didactics Platform is therefore valuable for both our own and other academies.