Souvenir - AG

These artists attempt to record what would otherwise be lost: an encounter, a sign of the time, or a fleeting moment. Sometimes for personal reasons, or from a sense of nostalgia. Sometimes almost compulsively, other times simply for pleasure. Although the outcomes of their photography are wildly different, all the creators in Souvenir share that same human tendency to conserve genuine experiences or cherished fictions.

Artist, lecturer, and HKU Photography alumna Maite Vanhellemont (1990) curated this exhibition for AG from her personal practices and interests. Among the participating artists are both experienced photographers and recently graduated talents. Five of them have ties with the various courses of HKU as alumni or (guest) lecturers.

Met werk van / With work by: Danielle van Ark, Maurice van Es, Ton Grote, Tonya Heeringa, Luka Karssenberg, Thomas Kuijpers, Sjoerd Martens, Petra Stavast, Maite Vanhellemont, Godfridus de Vries