Dutch Design Week

  • 22/10
  • 30/10
Every October, the nine-day event Dutch Design Week is held in Eindhoven. It’s the largest design event of Northern-Europe, showcasing works and concepts of over 2600 designers to more than 350 thousand visitors from the Netherlands and abroad. All disciplines of design are represented, both as arts and in applied form. Each year, many (former) HKU students are also showing their work.

Class of 22 - Creative Power for Transition

Next to the HKU students who can be found at many various spots, HKU also exhibits as part of a cooperation with other art academies. This expo can be seen at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. The theme for this year is 'Creative Power for Transition'.

'We must change. By rebuilding or maybe even relocating. Will we move towards the water or instead move away from it? And how can we find agreement in the transition towards a greener living environment? In a time of great transformation, the place where we live is of priceless value. We must cherish that place, yet also prepare it for what’s coming. What do we need for this? As part of the theme ‘Creative Power for Transition’, seven recently graduated HKU designers demonstrate how their works can contribute to this social discussion.'

Tickets are available here.

Projects of Creative Power for Transition

  • Fleur van der Linden (Illustration) - Building Sinergi

  • Cheyenn Pinas (Product Design) - The Magnitude

  • Julia Hurks (Product Design) - Anomaly

  • Juul van der Zandt (Graphic Design) Sense of Space (S.O.S.) & Passage

  • Moayad Alhariry (Graphic Design) - Diyar

  • Myrthe Mandemakers (Master Crossover Creativity) – ‘Human-focused design for a green future’

  • Robert Wienk (Master Crossover Creativity) - A + @ = 3, Future perspective 2100