Album release party Het Volk

support act: KINSMIT

  • 18/12
Album release party Het Volk
The debut album of Het Volk is recorded at Doornenburg studio and mixed by Janos Koolen in April 2022. The album is a representation of their growth as a band and as human beings.

Time schedule:
19.30h - Walk in
20.00h - Support act: KINSMIT
20.45h - Het Volk

This is a donation based event with a suggest amount of 7,50 to 10 euros. Bring cash for the bar.

Het Volk

Het Volk is a band with its roots in many genres such as Celtic folk, bluegrass and blues. They make music known as progressive Americana. They write music you can enjoy listening to whilst drinking a glass of good whiskey, a proper beer or a strong cup of coffee.

Imagine a sunny afternoon. Now imagine how relaxed you'd feel that afternoon. Now imagine going to a pub after you've spent your afternoon like this and imagine walking into a band called Het Volk. Your ears focus on how the beautiful soft chords, harmonies and vocals drift towards a more energetic way of storytelling. You hear the energetic banging of the guitar, beautiful violin harmonies echoing through the room, piercing vocals that have a great a story to tell and a bombastic upright bass to keep it all together. You slowly feel that your feet are starting to move, and after a couple of pints you cannot help but do little dances to the progressive Americana music.


Kinsmit creates and performs spun-out songs in which self-reflection, craft, and storytelling play the central role. With his guitar and voice, Kinsmit creates Folk music influenced by Baroque, Classical, and Pop music.