MA in Fine Art and Design, programme Fine Art

On this page you will find more information about the admission procedure for the Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design, programme Fine Art of HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.
MA in Fine Art and Design, programme Fine Art

Admission procedure

In order to complete your application, we kindly ask you to upload the following documents: motivation letter, research proposal or study plan, portfolio and CV. You can also upload a short introduction video (max. 3 minutes). Please check the information below for guidelines and attachment requirements.

Required documents

  • We are interested in your reasons for choosing this specific Master programme.

    • Which aspects of the programme are important to you? And why?
    • How do you wish to contribute to the programme?
    • How have you heard about HKU Master Fine Art?

    Please make yourself acquainted with the programme, its lecturers and projects: & &

  • Via your research project or study plan we would like to get an idea of what you wish to dedicate yourself to during the two years and how this can enter in a mutually supportive relation with the programme.
    • What are your plans for the coming two years at the Master?
    • How do these ideas relate to your previous artistic work, and/or previous study?
    • How do your plans relate to the profile and possibilities of the Master, its team and wider eco-system?
    • How does you research project or study plan relate to an environment which emphasizes art as social practice and which encourages not only individual practices, but collective learning and collaboration?
    • How does your proposal contribute to communities?
  • We would like to know what your artistic, cultural, and social interests are and how you present them in a portfolio. Your work can be in any medium, and we encourage applicants to submit a variety of types of work.
    Your portfolio should include approximately 20 images, links and text from your most recent or current work. Please present different projects and works, including possible collaborations. Sketches and works-in-progress are welcome.
    Enter any captions, descriptions, or titles of your work.
    We are looking for personal work that gives us a sense of who you are as a cultural practitioner. Please do not include generic class assignments (i.e. technical exercises, figure/life drawing, still life drawings etc.).
  • Please include a CV in your application process.

  • If you wish you can add a brief video introduction that gives a sense of who you are and why you apply

Upload your documents

You can upload your documents by clicking on the 'start registration' button at the bottom of this page.

After we have received the documents, the admissions committee will evaluate your application and decide whether they want to invite you for an online interview to further discuss your application.

Upload deadlines for your admission documents are:

7 February 2024 - if the admissions committee decides to invite you for an online interview, this interview will take place on either 27 February or 1 March

3 April 2024 - if the admissions committee decides to invite you for an online interview, this interview will take place on either 19 or 23 April

5 June 2024 (for candidates from EU/EEA countries only!) - if the admissions committee decides to invite you for an online interview, this interview will take place end of June (dates to be confirmed).

Admission results will be communicated within 6 weeks after the upload deadline.
Feel free to choose the deadline that suits you best.


Based on these documents, we will let you know if we would like to invite you for an online interview. In the interview, you will meet the course leader, a core lecturer and a current student. The interview lasts 20 minutes and takes place over zoom.

Result and enrolment

In the further selection process, we pay attention to group dynamics, also with regard to practices of resistance, non-conformity, pluri-vocality, solidarity and their geo-political range.
If you are admitted to the program, you will be given further information and instructions on how to complete your enrolment.

Important for NON-EU/EEA students

Non-EU/EEA students are advised to upload their documents before the deadline of 3 April to start the immigration proceedings before the deadline of 1 June. We can not accept applications from non-EU/EEA students after 3 April 2024.

Once you have been admitted to a course at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, you may need to arrange your visa and/or permit. It depends on your nationality which documents you will need to arrange to live and study in the Netherlands. The HKU admission office will inform you about what papers are necessary in your case.