Interactive Narrative Design Meetup #3

Datum: 27-3-2019
Plaats: Cafe Focus, Koekoekstraat 25, Utrecht
Tijd: 19.30 - 21.30 uur

Every last Wednesday of the month, HKU Professor Hartmut Koenitz engages in conversation with an expert from the games industry or a related sector about interactive storytelling. The audience can join Hartmut and his guest(s) to chat, network, and learn from peers, all in a laid-back pub setting.

Hartmut Koenitz will talk to an expert from the industry to gain new insights, to discuss pitfalls and create a better understanding of the profession of Interactive Narrative Designer.

Narrative design is a growing field in the media industry. Narrative designers create (mostly digital) forms of interactive narration in video games, interactive documentaries, exhibitions, museum shows, theatre, educational settings, in VR and AR, and in journalism.

It a maturing field, that is in need of a strong community. That community is you!

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