Jorrit Tamminga studied Music and Technology at HKU and took his Sonology Master’s degree at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.

Tamminga teaches sound design and sound synthesis at HKU Music and Technology and composition at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam. He is also a guest teacher of electronic music at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. In addition, he gives various masterclasses and summer courses in electronic music composition and live electronics.

Jorrit is researching how sound can be described in words and how these words can be linked to audio descriptors. Using existing libraries in combination with software he has written himself, he is searching for links between different description domains.

Tamminga composes music for various instruments and ensembles, often in combination with electronics. He also makes music theatre productions, often in combination with film and live electronics.

As an improvising musician, he regularly performs with various musicians, playing live electronics.

Jorrit programmes live electronics for composers, music theatre performances, orchestras and ensembles.

What he has experienced in his work is reflected in his lessons in the form of projects, working groups and assignments. He uses sound description in his own composition process, as well as in consultation with other composers and artists. In group lessons, Tamminga and his colleagues investigate sound description in the various areas of music technology, such as music production and sound design.

Jorrit operates in the classical and new music scenes in the Netherlands and Belgium, where he works as a composer and music technologist and sits on a number of boards.

His publications are mainly in the form of compositions, performances, film music and code.


live electronics, sound synthesis, music theatre, algorithmic composition, spectralism, audio analysis and machine listening