Innovation Studio develops, together with external partners, prototypes for innovative products and services in the fields of health & wellbeing, education and cultural heritage. This benefits the innovation of educational and professional practices and contributes to the training of HKU lecturers, excellent students and experts in the creative industry.


For more information about what Innovation Studio can mean for you, please contact Ina van der Brug, coordinator Innovation Studio, +31(0)6-22293735

Visiting address: Lange Viestraat 2b, 3511 BK, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Postal address: HKU, P.O. Box 1520, 3500 BM, Utrecht, The Netherlands


Innovation Studio has wide experience in acquiring and realising European Research & Design projects, and provides the implementing capacity for HKU to tackle professional innovative projects with third parties. It concerns projects that are:

  • experimental and innovative in character and aiming at the cross-over between creative industry and application fields;
  • implemented in co-creation with one or more external partners – profit, not-for-profit and non-profit;
  • commissioned or a subsidised research and/or development project;
  • carried out by contracted professionals from HKU and elsewhere;
  • possibly but not necessarily with the cooperation of Master’s or excellent students;
  • focused on developing (and not further developing and marketing) prototypes for new products, services or solutions.

Innovation Studio closely cooperates with HKU Expertise Centers and professorships and UCREATE.


Innovation Studio contributes to internal knowledge development and circulation, to improve the topicality and quality of education. The studio provides an additional learning environment for excellent students and lecturers. In practice, the studio is an active pivot between the best HKU has to offer and the social and economic world, in which talent and ideas can come to fruition.

Innovation Studio offers opportunities for further training in research and development skills in a practice-based educational environment, to self-employed people and small to medium-sized businesses in the creative fields. In addition, the studio gives external partners access to state-of-the-art knowledge and development in the fileds of interaction design and applied game and play design.


Innovation Studio develops a variety of products like prototypes, apps and publications and organises events.

JamToday Utrecht Game Jam

From 3-5 June the JamToday Network will organise a Game Jam in Utrecht.  Dutch Game Garden and HKU University of the Arts Utrecht will again co-operate with the Creative College (ROC Midden Nederland) to organise game jam with the theme The teaching of Maths.

Health&Wellbeing documentary

Innovation Studio has developed specific products for sectors like health & wellbeing, and made a documentary about it: