From a craftsman to a unique professional. You have explored, developed and gotten to know your talent during the bachelor program. During the master, you will develop yourself into a professional with a strong and clear identity.

A strong identity for your talent

You will take main subject lessons, do research, as well as an internship. You will compile the rest of your study program yourself to fit your ambitions.

What will you learn?

It's up to you. What do you want to learn and achieve in the two years? You will write a plan in consultation with your study coach and main subject teacher, and compile a curriculum based on your plans and ambitions. Your study coach will be available throughout your studies to provide feedback on your progress, based on your original motivation letter and study plan, as well as your own reflection on your progress and the 'deliverables' you will upload in an online learning environment. This way, you will shape the context within which your final master production will take place and you will demonstrate how, as a professional, you will practically apply the competencies  your have been developing.

You can take courses ranging from playing in ensembles, stage presentation, Music, Art & Culture, to Learning Strategies. You can also take courses at other HKU schools such as Art and Economics or Music and Technology, or even at another educational organisation altogether.

Why this MMus?

The MMus Performance Pathway at the HKU distinguishes itself by focusing on your personal development into a professional with a strong identity. You will make your own study plan and get the space to experiment and investigate. A study coach and teachers will provide personal supervision. You will also do artistic research and participate in a practical workplace project. Additionally, there is the possibility to take part in electives, projects, workshops, clinics and masterclasses. You will analyse all these activities and reflect on context, process, and final product. This allows you to develop a personal professional and artistic vision.


During the entrance exam you will demonstrate your experience and talent during an interview and by performing your prepared audition pieces. A condition for admission is proof that you have completed a vocational training program in the Netherlands or a comparable degree program abroad or will soon finish it.

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Which profession?

Your place in the professional field depends on your plans and ambitions. The possibilities are endless. The only thing that is certain is that you will become a musical professional in a place that you have chosen yourself. Whether it is an existing place or a profession that you create and develop yourself.


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You could be eligible for funding via a talent grant, the Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) or the Holland Scholarship. Read more about scholarships and grants.

More information and contact

For more information about the Master Music at HKU Utrechts Conservatorium you can contact Hannie van Veldhoven (Jazz & Pop), Christian Boel (Musician 3.0), Joop van Deuren (Classical Music) or Cécile Rongen (Historical Performance), at +31 30-2091309 or


• Degree: Master of Music (ISAT code 44739 )

• Full-time, 2-year program (120 ECTS)

Admission through entrance exam

• Location: HKU Utrecht Conservatorium

• Fees

Combine 2 instruments in your Master studies!

Are you interested in developing your skills on more then 1 instrument? You can do a master’s degree at HKU Utrecht Conservatorium, in which you focus not only on your main instrument, but also on other instruments, like the historical equivalent of your main instrument.
For more information, please contact Cecile Rongen via