MA programme Scenography graduates are independent artists and designers capable of working in (artistic) team configurations, with an ability to initiate, organize and supervise projects themselves.
They can accept all kinds of assignments in which ideas are required for a theatrical design of space.

Essential contribution to the significance of performances practise

Having an enterprising attitude, the scenographer is someone who likes to break out of established patterns and realize social value, who deals with uncertainty, is alert and on his toes, creative and contrary. The scenographer as theatrical designer or performance designer has the ability to make an essential contribution to the contemporary performance practice.

The MA programme Scenography offers a strong, open network for students and alumni to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences. Its network includes a wide range of cultural partners in Utrecht as well as abroad. The MA programme Scenography participates in an international network with partners such as Prague Quadrennial ( which is the largest scenography event in the world, presenting contemporary work in a variety of performance design disciplines and genres.

The MA programme Scenography has a dynamic collaborative relation with Het Huis Utrecht, LD, Spring Festival and a range of theatre makers and collectives.