On 11 November 2016 Elisabetta Lazzaro was formally installed as Professor of Creative Economy at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

Impression of the inauguration

Creative Economy

Research in support of artists and creative practitioners and their role in the economy


The creative economy is increasingly considered a strategic sector in the Netherlands, in Europe and worldwide. What are the possible roles that artists and creative professionals can play in the overall economy? How to recognise, highlight and support them in their creative ventures, innovations and enterprises?

Elisabetta Lazzaro delivered her inaugural lecture on these fundamental issues in the creative economy, offering an original research approach based on creative crossovers.

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Creative Crossovers

Creative crossovers aim at better capturing and fostering the added value and impact that artists, cultural and creative makers, entrepreneurs and organisations generate not only within the cultural and creative sector but also at a wider societal level, with relevant professional and policy implications.

The methodological approach based on creative crossovers refers to complex, dynamic and indirect effects in the wider economy and society beyond the creative industries sector. Creative crossovers can be strategically planned, and as such embedded in viable business models of creative professionals and industries to innovate and co-create with other socio-economic sectors.

The attendees to the inaugural lecture had the opportunity to acknowledge and interact with concrete applications of creative crossovers.

Photographer: Peter Menninga Photographer: Peter Menninga