Development Tools

Joker Method

The Joker method has been created for application in existing project groups. The research question is: how can you introduce group dynamic processes into project groups in a light-hearted and dynamic way, so that students can start using them themselves?

Game Scope

Game Scope is a tool that has been developed to help serious games clients formulate their assignment better. Asking certain questions makes explicit what is still needed in order to further develop a game. This form of collaboration between clients and developers leads to greater efficiency and innovation, and is available as an app for Apple and Android.

Game Seeds

HKU has developed Game Seeds as a brainstorm tool for designing games and characters, in collaboration with Monobanda and Metagama.

Health & Wellbeing


The future of patient waiting rooms starts here. HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and University Medical Centre Utrecht are exploring the added value of the crossover between doctor and designer using the Mobility Clinic. In this approach, wherever possible, patients are treated in one single event, which provides multidisciplinary, integrated care, avoiding the necessity of multiple appointments to see different specialists.

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Growing Games

Growing Games is the incentive programme (2013-2016) for the applied games industry, within a consortium of partners in healthcare, higher education and the creative industry.

Partners:Dutch Game Garden, iMMovator, Dutch Games Association en Economic Board Utrecht.


The evaluation of health-oriented serious games and apps: A differentiated approach (Engels)

Position Paper on Risk Assessment and Validation of Health (Nederlands en Engels)

Identifying Risk Increases Strength (IRIS)

The IRIS project offers an innovative approach to adolescents whose parents are afflicted with bipolar disorderand the development of mental illness. Innovation Studio at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and University Medical Centre Utrecht are teaming up with a number of experts to conduct a study using a tailor-made app to both capture health well-being data and challenge participants with entertaining interventions to confront their coping strategies

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Handson is a project for children suffering from cerebral palsy, in collaboration with Roesingh Research and Development. Rehabilitation is often boring and painful. They searched for a way to make it more fun for the children.


Moodbot has been developed for psychiatric clients. It works like an interactive coach, encouraging people to note down signs of relapse. By playing the game, clients gain more insight into their own recovery process and can take control to a greater extent. The game also encourages players to pay virtual visits to other clients, thus creating a network.

UMC selects Moodbot for validation and implementation programme

DJ Fiero

DJ Fiero is a rehabilitation game for young people with noncongenital brain damage. DJ Fiero has been developed by HKU in collaboration with De Hoogstraat Revalidatie, in Utrecht.

BV Utrecht: TFI and De Hoogstraat with HKU

This episode of BV Utrecht pays a visit to De Hoogstraat Revalidatie and takes a look at the collaboration between HKU and TFI in the area of games in rehabilitation.

European Cooperation

Transmango game jams

The Transmango project focuses on the question what and how Europeans will eat in the future. The Innovation Studio of HKU is responsible for the organisation of several game jams about this subject. The participants of the game jams wish to broach the subject of food safety and other issues in a playful manner.

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Jam Today

Game Jams have been organised all over the world for a few years now and are powerful tools for stimulating innovation in creating, developing and using games. In a game jam, people from various sectors come together for 48 hours. JamToday is the first European Network to organise game jams focusing on serious games. JamToday was part of the HKU professorship Play Design.

Read A more integrated approach, David Crombie, Willem-Jan Renger, Pierre Mersch in TH&MA 2016-4


HKU Gamewise is a European project in which the board game Hexigo was developed. The game improves the quality of project education and contributes to the application of gamification in education. It is a means for talking to one another about carrying out a project with students.

Education & Training

Learning Experience Design Conference

On 17 March 2016 the first  Learning Experience Design-conference took place in Utrecht. Participants were very inspired by the combination of keynotes, surprising good practices, and hands-on experiences. During the conference experts, pioniers en other intersdted professionals learned from each other. The conference was initiated by Shapers with the partners HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Broek & Buuren Evenementen en Growing Games Teaching & Training.

Living Lab Applied Game Jam

Since 2013 game jams are organised in The Netherlands and South Korea alternately. Twice a year students from these two countries join forces for 48 hours to develop applied games that offer solutions to social challenges.

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The Game Jam as a Format for Formal Applied Game Design and Development Education

Mayor’s game

Game about governmental dilemmas: through computer simulation, mayors receive a complex crisis scenario. Just as in real life, they can ask advice from members of the crisis team. Navigating through all the different advice, the mayors find their way through the crisis.

Cultural Heritage

Netherlands Open Air Museum

A collaborative venture between HKU and the Netherlands Open Air Museum, giving a whole new meaning to a visit to the museum.