Audiovisual Media prepares you for a future as a creative maker of films of all shapes and sizes (documentary, fiction and experimental) for TV, clients, festivals, web or other forms. You develop your talent for telling stories through sound and vision.

What do you learn?

Audiovisual Media is an art course that trains you to be a distinctive, independent and entrepreneurial filmmaker. You learn to reflect on the power of images in relation to the story. You learn to use various styles of visual narration based on personal vision and themes. The lecturers guide you on the basis of their own expertise in the film profession and their love of film. You do not learn to think only in formulas or formats, but rather to see film as a form of art and applied art. This applies to nearly all forms and presentation possibilities.

HKU students map out their own route for the main part. Your broad development means that you become an all-round artist at the same time as a specialist. This is reflected in the diversity of the graduation work, ranging from daring, urgent, distinctive work to inventively constructed, audience-friendly genre films and commercially oriented films for clients. Many films by graduate students and alumni are shown at festivals in the Netherlands and abroad, win awards and are shown on TV.

After the course

Graduates can work independently or in employment for production companies in the audiovisual, film and television branch.


• Bachelor of Design in Audiovisual Media (CROHO 39111)

• Degree: Bachelor of Arts

• Full-time 4-year course (240 ECTS)

• Selection through entrance test