HKU Design is a conversation starter at Salone del Mobile in Milan

April 11, 2016

At Salone del Mobile in Milan, students from HKU Design will actively initiate conversations with fellow designers and visitors this week. They will not simply remain at their booth, but instead embark on an expedition to question others about the big issues of our time. For this reason the theme of HKU Design at the Salone is dubbed Meaningful Encounters. The event takes place from 12-17 April.

One of the projects on display is Medusae by student Charlotte van Alem, who researched the possibilities of creating useful material from jellyfish. The Art of Climate Change by Jenske Hamming is an investigation into the poetic aspects and aesthetics of climate change.

There is also The Publisher, an ambitious online platform by several students that gives a voice to refugees by publishing their artistic work and personal stories. In Milan, the students will take the results from their conversations about these and other projects back to the HKU booth to incorporate in additional concepts. The students, supported by alumni Daniel de Bruijn and Liset Geerlings, have designed the booth themselves. Want to know more? Take a look at

The educational vision of HKU Design shines through in this particular approach to the Milan design week. Design today goes beyond just making beautiful things. Society is increasingly looking at design as a catalyst for raising awareness, behavioural change and innovation. To fully connect to a rapidly changing world, HKU Design works with education-through-design: creating learning environments where students are challenged to gain relevant experience. Actively participating in one of the largest design fairs of Europe is a prime example.

About Salone del Mobile

Salone del Mobile (Salone Internazionale del Mobile in full) is an annual design fair in Milan. This year's event takes place from April 12th to 17th. As always, Milan is divided into different zones (neighbourhoods) that each have a different focus. In the district Lambrate the focus is on new talent, young up-and- coming designers and design schools. This ‘Ventura Lambrate’ area is where HKU Design can be found. The location is an old factory at Via Ventura 14 with lots of opportunities for meetings and presentations.