Graphic Design trains you to become a versatile, critical and engaged expert in the field of visual communication.

What do you learn?

As a graphic designer, you give form to communication through text and image. This can be through any medium you like: digital, as an object, printed material or a concept, or combinations of these media. Graphic design does not have one definitive form. The profession is constantly changing and it gives great scope for innovation.

In the intensive Graphic Design programme, there is a close relationship between research, practice, vision and reflection. At HKU, you are continually challenged to transform research into applications that are significant not just at the moment, but in the future as well. Today’s graphic designers have to deal not only with the new role of users of the design (‘everyone is a designer’), but also with increasing internationalisation, a changing economy and overlapping disciplines. HKU prepares you for this.

The goal of Graphic Design at HKU is to train you to become an independent graphic designer. At the end of the course, you will able to use images and text effectively as a response or reaction to cultural and social issues in a continually changing society.

After the course

The boundaries between disciplines are blurring. So if you want to be a designer of consequence in the future, you will need to able to conduct intensive media research, initiate projects, work with a wide range disciplines, look over the borders, make connections, develop a design vision and reflect on your own practice. HKU Graphic Design gives you the tools to do so. Graduates understand old and new media, and view change as a challenge.


• Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design (CROHO 39111)

• Degree: Bachelor of Arts

• Full-time 4-year course (240 ECTS)

• Selection through entrance test