A portfolio is a collection of your best and most recent work. Your portfolio is a crucial part of your admission.


It is important that your portfolio reflects how you see yourself and your work, so there is no exact formula for creating a good portfolio. Yet we would like to give some guidelines:

  • Present work that you have created over the past two years. It is important that your work is fairly recent.
  • Show work that is as varied work as possible, for example: 2-dimensional work, drawings, paintings, graphics, sculpture and spatial work (if it is difficult to transport take photographs), collages, photographs, digital works, film etc.
  • Make sure your presentation gives an adequate image of your work and illustrate your thought process with notes, sketches and/or models.
  • Present sufficient work, about 20 pieces or more.
  • Select work that shows your originality, individuality. Present a personal picture as possible.

Digital Portfolio

If you are presenting a digital portfolio to keep the following points in mind:
• Provide a hybrid file (suitable for Apple and Windows) on CD or USB-stick. It is also permitted to refer to an online portfolio (for example a website). Send the link to Make sure you include your name, program of your choice and student number.
• Make sure you take clear pictures – don’t forget the importance of a good background for your work.