Digital Printing Workspace

In HKU's Digital Printing workspace, you can experiment with modern printers, using all kinds of materials, from various paper types to wood, glass and metal. 

About the Digital Printing Workspace

In the Digital Printing workspace, you can work with various printing techniques. The printers are all of a high quality. Experimenting with the machines and materials is a focal point. What kind of things can you do? And what can't you do?

Printers and materials

We have three types of printer: laser, inkjet and flatbed. You can use these to print all your graphic and photographic output. There are all kinds of paper types you can use in the Digital Printing workshop, too. But you can also experiment with printing on other materials. Fancy printing on wood, glass or metal? No problem! We will be glad to help you.
 You will find the Digital Printing Workspace at HKU's location Oudenoord.