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Games and Interaction
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Design your own digital tools

Minor Tech Art in brief

  • Design digital tools: what do designers need for creating their art?
  • Make open source software
  • Simplify or optimise existing technology
  • Transform source data into usable content

About the course

In order to become less dependent on proprietary technology, we need a new type of artist. An artist who is not only resilient and assertive, but also sufficiently tech-savvy to hack together their own digital tools for creating real-time interactive experiences.

The minor Tech Art therefore explores current technological developments and links them to creative processes. The focus is on further democratisation of technical creative processes through using and contributing to open source software, tools, assets and knowledge.

Practical information

  • Semester 1: September 2022 to February 2023
  • Number of contact hours: 8
  • Number of hours of self-study: 32 (including teamwork)
  • Testing: the student presents the progress of a technical process and the resulting artifact.
Minor Tech ArtWhat will you learn?
Minor Tech Art

What will you learn?

What do you learn?

  • to analyse vital parts of existing creative processes
  • to describe a technical process-driven innovation for this
  • to make a prototype that facilitates the creative process of an interactive experience

Types of lessons

Inspiration sessions by professionals from the creative industry
Studio design
Minor Tech ArtApplication and admission
Minor Tech Art

Application and admission

Sorry! This minor has reached the maximum capacity! Click here for our other minors.

If you can identify with the points below, then apply for the course!

  • You are fascinated by technology and art
  • You have an investigative and inquisitive attitude
  • You are crazy about programming
  • You are interested in what designers need for their design process

Entry requirements

  • Sound basic knowledge of programming in C# and HLSL/GLSL;
  • Demonstrable interest in and experience of technical creative and design processes.
  • Attitude and motivation;
  • Research question to be addressed during the minor;
  • Portfolio that demonstrates basic knowledge (such as tools, scripts and experimental shaders).

There is a continual selection process up to the application deadline. For important dates, see Kies op Maat.