HKU in the coming academic year

Find out what's happening in the coming academic year at HKU. What does the corona crisis mean for your application and the start of the new school year?

Coming from abroad

Before Arrival

We recommend to start your preparations for studying in the Netherlands in time. Due to the situation with the coronavirus it can be expected that travelling will be more time consuming.

There will be measurements and restrictions you need to take into account when you plan to come to the Netherlands to start your study at HKU in September. These measurements and restrictions will be continuously subject to change. Make sure you are well informed about your local situation and the regulations concerning the Netherlands.

  • An EU entry ban is in effect for people travelling from non-EU countries with a high COVID-19 risk, unless the purpose of their trip falls under one of the exemption categories.
    As a non-EER students you fall into an exemption category if you have a long-stay entrance visa for study or hold a letter of notification from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) stating that your residence permit for study has been approved. You can apply for the entry visa and/or residence permit for study only via HKU. More information:   
    Prove purpose of your journey non-EER students
    At the airport in the Netherlands you need to prove the purpose of your trip. As HKU student you have the long-stay visa sticker in your passport (MVV study). Or you hold a letter of notification from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service for long-term stay (VVR study). This letter has been provided by HKU after your VVR application has been approved.
  • What you need to prepare for your travel and arrival in the Netherlands depends on the area you come from and the way in which your area is marked. Within the EU/Schengen the areas are marked safe or as high risk region. Outside the EU the areas are marked as safe, high risk, very high risk and very high risk with a virus variant of concern.

    How your area is marked and all the information necessary for your traveling and arrival can be found on the checklist of the Dutch government.
  • If you are travelling by air you must complete a health declaration form and carry it with you. Some airlines allow you to complete this health declaration digitally when you check in.

Upon Arrival

If you have any questions, please contact HKU Service Desk Student Affairs via or +31(0)30-2091540.


HKU is busy with preparations for the new academic year. As you have probably heard through all kinds of news channels, higher education must take into account government measures (including the 1.5 meter rule), agreements with the safety region and the pressure on public transport when drawing up timetables. We are in constant dialogue with all parties about this.

You can rest assured that the coming year, with all the challenges that exist, HKU will also provide good education: didactically well thought-out programs with a lot of attention for blended learning (a combination of online learning and contact education).

The timetables are expected to be published no later than the last week of August.

Introduction to HKU

Within the available options, HKU wants to introduce new students physically to the institution and each other as much as possible. Due to the corona measures, the introductions will take a slightly different shape than usual this year. The setup differs per school.