Multidisciplinarity in relation to creative processes is one of the research areas of HKU.

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This research area examines the increasingly hybrid nature of artistic expressions and creative professionals. What does it mean for working methods and the creative process if disciplines and media are no longer separated by clear boundaries? How can people work in transmedial, transdisciplinary or co-creative ways?

We also see this hybrid approach and mindset in the collaboration between art and other disciplines, such as health care or behavioural design. Increasingly, spectators or users are becoming co-creators who are involved in the creative process at an early stage.

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If You Are Not There Where Are You

This is an example of a study that deals with co-creation and the added value to society. Here, children and young adults worked with artist-researchers to communicate their absence experiences during epileptic seizures with the outside world (family and friends, as well as neurologists) – for example, through image, sound or spatial experiences.


An example of an innovation project is our involvement in designing the process by which residents of the Utrecht neighbourhood of Kanaleneiland took part in IRIS, an EU energy transition project.


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