Learning in relation to creative creative processes is one of the research areas of HKU.

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In this research area we are increasing and consolidating our knowledge of educational innovation and personal and professional development. All HKU research is of course linked to educational practice, but practice is central in this research area, which we call the ‘musal’ research of the professorship Art and Professionalisation.

The concept of lifelong learning is a key driver of our educational innovation. HKU seeks to be a place not just for HBO students, but also for working, creative professionals who wish to continue to develop. At our institute, Bachelor’s and Master’s students, professionals, lecturers and clients encounter one another through teaching and research, and they collaborate in learning communities.

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The Good Work expedition is an example of how one such learning community works. Here, it’s not only the result of the work that counts (it is ‘excellent’). The focus is on how the work is done (ethically, with passion). How can this ‘good work’ be supported in organisations?

Another example of educational innovation is Ludodidactics, a method developed by the Innovation Studio in collaboration with HKU College to teach design based on gaming principles. HKU is project leader of the Studio 21CS professorship platform on the theme of 21st-century skills for professionals.


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