This page shows projects developed by HKU' s innovation programmes and professorships. The projects are socially relevant, follow developments in the creative profession or take an innovative approach to education or art education. See the following examples of recent interesting projects with impact.

The art of healthcare and well-being

HKU focuses its education, research and designs on the unique contribution that the arts can offer in solving the challenges in healthcare.

With research and innovation projects, we focus on the roles, methods, practices and impact of transdisciplinary cooperation, both in the healthcare domain, cultural environments and artistic practices. One of the ways we do this, are the practice-oriented research projects such as Robotstories, In Search of Stories, IYANTWAY and e-Health Junior.


Futurelabs are multidisciplinary experiments, in which lecturers, researchers and excellent students explore the boundaries of current technology. The topics include virtual reality in relation to audio design, and motion capture for theatre applications or in sensors and cameras in virtual spatial design and robotics.

Maker in the library

The library as a creative meeting place. This was the starting point of the project ‘Maker in the library’. At the Utrecht Library, in collaboration with visitors, staff and passers-by, HKU students created art in the library. They focused in particular on people who didn’t come into contact with art very much as a rule.

Boutiq Foundation

The Boutiq Foundation is a Ugandan organisation that encourages African music and artists. HKU students of Music and Technology have the opportunity to do an internship with this organisation. They produce music, experiment with local artists and help to put on the Nyege Nyege Festival, organised by the Boutiq Foundation.
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Living Labs Applied Game Jam

The goal of the Living Labs Applied Game Jam is to spend 48 hours developing applied games that help solve social issues. During this intercultural exchange, Dutch and South-Korean students play games in which they have to address a global problem. The issues concern education, health or sustainability, for example.

Studio 21st Century Skills

Welke vaardigheden moeten studenten, onderwijsgevenden en professionals hebben in de 21e eeuw? Dat is waar Studio 21CS onderzoek naar doet. Dit platform verbindt onderzoekers, onderwijs en het werkveld met elkaar om zo het werk van professionals – nu en in de toekomst- te verbeteren.

SuNSE – Support Network for Social Entrepeneurs

SuNSE is a project that supports social entrepreneurship in areas of economic shrinkage. Using a combination of support models, this European project creates self-supporting networks for entrepreneurs. HKU is researching how this idea can be brought to life for the people involved, drawing on their experience of interaction design.

Kunst = Onderzoek

Kunst = Onderzoek (Art = Research) is the leading platform for research in the arts. It’s also a think tank for art professorships in the social debate on the value and recognition of art. The platform also provides conceptual and practical contributions to developing PhD programmes in the arts.


If you’re interested in a project with HKU students or staff, take a look at the HKU page for businesses or contact the HKU Expertise Centre for Research, Innovation and Internationalisation, through