Art and Professionalisation

How can professionals reinforce their personal involvement and social influence in organizations? And how can they make their creativity and maker ship play a bigger role in their life and work, by stimulating the artistic qualities ‘narrating’, ‘making’ and ‘performing’? The Art and Professionalisation professorship conducts research into these questions.

What we do

What we want to achieve

The professorship has two goals:
  1. To reinforce the investigative skills of professionals in all sorts of practices, by stimulating making, performing and narrating in their professional activities.
  2. To use creative interventions in breaking down set ways of working.
We do so by developing knowledge and collaborating with professionals. This initiates long-term change and encourages makership in sectors like healthcare, the police and education.

Research into merging art and science

The professorship is inspired by the myth of the muses to give new shape to critical reflection and to involve creative processes in the way research is conducted.

We are concerned with research questions like:

  • What is the role of the artist in social questions?
  • How can the lecturer use his or her own makership in teaching?
  • How can professionals and teams improve collaboration through creating together?

How we work

We break down the divisions between learning, researching, changing and creating, and develop new ways of working for this purpose, such as changing tack, the art of questioning, theatrical dialogue and work in progress.

Our partners

We work with partners in the art world and elsewhere, such as in healthcare, government, cultural education and other sorts of higher and secondary education. For example, we work with:

What we make

  • Within HKU and elsewhere, we make Learning Communities in collaboration with the various HKU schools.
  • We organise an annual research festival called ‘Musework Live’.
  • We produce publications.
  • We publish a weekly newsletter
  • We make learning and development pathways.


We organise a workplace where we conduct action research into practical questions from professionals, by researchers putting themselves on the line, working on co-creations, and developing and publishing new forms of knowledge. We call this making personally, making together, making knowledge and making public. We work with the research platform Musework.

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Who we are


Art and Professionalisation
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