Conducting research into, and through art and creativity is a very important part of our education. But how do we actually conduct it? And how do we link the research results to our education?

Postdoc researchers at HKU

We have two postdoc researchers at HKU: Falk Hübner and Arja Veerman. Besides conducting research, they also teach. This combination is in line with HKU’s ambition to strengthen the links between education and research.
The postdoc researchers focus on the methodology of research in the arts. How do you do research into the practice of art and creativity? What results are actually produced? And how do the findings and results reinforce our education? Falk Hübner and Arja Veerman address questions like these, with support from the Taskforce for Applied Research (Regieorgaan SIA). This body strengthens the research capacity of universities of applied science.

Research project by Falk Hübner: Common Ground

Common Ground. Practice, philosophy and ethics of research at HKU is the title of the postdoc research project by Falk Hübner. The project has been set up through the Performative Creative Processes professorship, in collaboration with the schools HKU Utrechts Conservatorium and HKU Theatre, and the Art and Professionalisation professorship. On the basis of existing research methodologies at HKU, Falk Hübner is developing a shared framework for designing research.

He is designing a methodological model that provides opportunities for reflecting – based on a generic and shareable perspective (common ground) – on research strategy and the development of context-specific and project-specific methodologies. The model serves as a reference point when detailing and developing a research proposal, and while conducting research. The model can be used by other researchers, as well as students and research supervisors.

Research project by Arja Veerman: Creative Research Methodology

Arja Veerman has written the postdoc proposal Creative Research Methodology. This research project has been developed under the Research in Creative Practices professorship, in collaboration with the schools HKU Fine Art, HKU College, HKU Design and HKU Music and Technology. She is also working with HKU Media on the ‘Creative Research in Creative Education Workshop’.

Arja Veerman is focusing on the wide range of research and research education at HKU. She is studying which features and methods of research deliver useful results: results that can really benefit makers in the arts and lecturers in art education.

Want to find out more about the postdoc programme?

If you’d like advice or support in the area of creative research, send an email to Debbie Straver at the Expertise Centre for Research, Innovation and Internationalisation.

Would you like to keep up-to-date on the postdoc research projects? Falk and Arja give regular reports in the English-language Research Newsletter. To receive the newsletter, register here. Falk also has his own blog as a maker/researcher.

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