Research & Development

Technology is constantly moving forward and has unlimited creative applications. The Expertise Centre for Creative Technology is permanently studying these developments, looking for possible ways to apply technology to the art education. Here you can read how.

Research labs

HKU has many facilities for working with new technology, with multiple digital facilities and research labs for playing with technology and finding ways of making new technologies more accessible.


The Freaklabs are jam sessions for interested staff members and students who want to investigate a certain technology, or share and pool existing knowledge. One by one, participants get the chance to present their technology and request feedback.

Virtual production

Workshop members and interested lecturers cooperate here (mainly in room 0.47) on research to find effective setups for working with virtual production (real-time greenscreen). This is done by using game engines. This forms a natural overlap between the fields of Games & Interaction and Media. In parallel, the demand for these techniques is gauged to see if they may serve as the topic for a DCT track (Didactic for Creative Technology) in the future, possibly tied to soapshops and/or freaklabs.


See the various research results, tools and resources from the Expertise Centre for Creative Technology on GitHub.


Do you have a relevant research subject? Then please contact Machiel Veltkamp, lecturer and project leader Extended Realities from the Expertise Centre for Creative Technology, via