Expertise centre Creative Entrepreneurship

The HKU Expertise Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship helps students, alumni and lecturers to develop as entrepreneurs, by stimulating their capacity for creative change, their strategic insight and their active enterprising attitude.

Expertise centre Creative Entrepreneurship

What we do

Promote entrepreneurial skills

Not all art students become independent entrepreneurs, but all art students do need to develop entrepreneurial skills. This is because it’s increasingly important to look further than the boundaries of your own professional practice if you want to work in the arts and the creative industry.
The Expertise Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship helps students, lecturers and alumni to develop their entrepreneurial skills, providing scope for more than just economic prospects. The focus is also on social significance, social entrepreneurship and innovative thinking. We expressly look for partnerships in Utrecht and elsewhere, and link education to activities wherever they can reinforce one another.

Alumni for Alumni Meetups

The Expertise Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship brings alumni together in Alumni for Alumni Meetups. These meetings welcome both starters and experienced professionals. They allow recent and not-so-recent graduates to meet up, share their knowledge, experience and networks, and do assignments together. We’re calling on HKU alumni to join in and meet young makers. Come and discover new talent and new ways of thinking and working. And vice versa: we’re calling on starters to come and learn from experienced alumni.


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Our activities

Who we are

Our people

Arlette Kerkhof - director
Ingrid Mooy - project leader
Jitske Hirs - account manager
Tom van de Wetering - project assistant HKU X
Lotte Walrave - community manager HKU X
Radia Elgarbi - project assistant
Luuk van de Klundert - hku café




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