Opening academic year 22/23 and HKU Awards ceremony

  • 22/09
Opening academic year 22/23 and HKU Awards ceremony

On Thursday 22 September, the official opening of the academic year 22/23 will take place in TivoliVredenburg, along with the HKU Awards ceremony. What can you expect? Of course, lots of impressive works and performances from students, along with a fascinating selection of guest speakers from HKU and elsewhere about the value that art and art education can bring to the vast transitions in wellbeing, identity and circularity. The event starts with the ceremonial presentation of the HKU Awards for the most remarkable graduation projects of 21/22.

(Note that the main language at the event will be Dutch)

Presentation of HKU Awards

From 14.30 to 15.30 hrs the HKU Awards will be presented to the most outstanding graduation works of 21/22. After a short introduction to all the nominated graduation works, jury chairman Femke Rotteveel (director Fotodok) will announce the winners. Tarik Yousif (head of the Cultural Department of the City of Utrecht), will announce the winner of The HKU Prijs Gemeente Utrecht to a graduation work with special social impact.

Opening academic year 22/23

Host and theatre maker Oscar Kocken will take you through a varied programme of speakers from inside and outside HKU and various presentations and performances by students and alumni from 16.00 to 17.00 hrs. Central theme is the value of art and art education for the major transitions in welfare, identity and circularity. This is what you can expect:
  • Opening statement by Tim Schouten, alumnus Acting;
  • The Executive Board looks ahead at plans and ambitions for the coming academic year;
  • Bas van Abel (founder of Fairphone and honorary fwellow of HKU), Anke Jongejan (teacher Fashion Design) and Annabel Schouten (alumnus Musician 3.0) talk about their perspective on circularity;
  • Gjilke Keuning (Quartermaster the Art of Health, Care and Welfare of HKU), Marian Dobbe-Kluijtmans (director KOOS) and Noah Claassen (student Jazz & Pop, made for Betweter Festival a musical interpretation of a patient story from the Verhalenbank Psychiatrie) talk about the contribution of the arts to challenges in health care;
  • A talk about identity & inclusion with HKU students and alumni: Lars Reen (designed a game about gender identity for secondary schools), Angel-Rose Oedit Doebé (winner of the HKU Award 2021 and Keep an Eye Photography Stipendium 2021) and Shahab Albonaser and Hicham Bassa (made a film with fellow students of HKU Media about accepting and taking along the past and identity during the integration process of people with a refugee past).
  • House band is FLÖ, with students of the HKU Utrechts Conservatorium.
After the opening of the academic year there will be festive drinks where we raise our glasses to the new academic year. See you there!