Artworks from the circular economy on Amelisweerd estate

  • 21/06
  • 01/10
Artworks from the circular economy on Amelisweerd estate

Fine Art is organising another inspiring outdoor exposition this summer, for the third time in a row, at the estate of Oud Amelisweerd: The Shade of Roots.

Inspired by the variety of materials that the estate has to offer, from impressive wooden logs to empty bottles, or even cattle dung, students create a unique exhibition with these materials. After weeks of creating and researching, the exhibition is opened by the students themselves on Friday 21 June on 16:00. At the end of the exhibition period, the works are deconstructed again in October, after which all the used materials shall be honourably returned to the natural forest environment where they were taken from.

Participating students

Isabel Ruigrok
Guus Kuyntjes
Emma Sagt
Anke Schippers
Annabelle Machiels
Lotta Tol
Fons Boogaard
Milan Fine
Noah Masengi
Alicja Nasuszny
Arika Lee
Anouk Vollers
Ruben Scheuermann
Jochem Witteveen

More information available at the Amelisweerd website (in Dutch).