The ideal creative city has a bit of Utrecht in it

21 juli 2017

The ideal creative and cultural European city would have the local and international connections of Utrecht as well as numerous other qualities found in cities across the continent. In the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor published by the European Commission, Utrecht is part of an amalgam of the best performing creative cities.

Besides having the connections of Utrecht, the ideal creative city has the cultural participation, attractiveness, creative and knowledge-based jobs of Paris (France), the openness, tolerance and trust of Glasgow (UK) and the quality of governance of Copenhagen (Denmark) among other qualities based on the profiles of eight European cities.

According to the report, 'Utrecht is a vivid student city with a highly educated population, thanks to the presence of Utrecht University, the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) and HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

A creative city doesn't need to be huge

It is interesting to note that of the eight European cities that make up the 'ideal creative city', five have fewer than 500,000 inhabitants: Cork, Eindhoven, Umeå, Leuven and Utrecht. Cities don't need to be big in order to be attractive for creative and cultural industries.

The aim of the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor is to help policy makers as well as the cultural and creative sectors identify local strengths and areas for improvement, and learn from comparable cities. It also sheds light on the strong relationship between cultural vibrancy and various dimensions of a city’s life, starting with its social diversity and its economic activity.

The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor is the result of a research project covering 168 cities in 30 European countries. It is available as an interactive online tool to allow users to browse the selected cities as well as a wide array of quantitative and qualitative information about their performance.