Klassiek concert

Datum: 23-4-2020
Plaats: Rosa Spier Huis, Esseboom 2, Laren
Tijd: 11.30 - 12.30 uur

Voor meer informatie over de entree, ga naar de Rosa Spier Huis website. 

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• Yiannis Panagiotou - trompet (Bmus 3)
• Alexandros Chouros - pinao (Alumni)

• Alexander Arutiunian – Trumpet Concerto (1950)
Arutiunian’s concerto is considered as one of the standard repertoire pieces worldwide, played for competitions and auditions for orchestras. It’s the flashy piece with a lot of gypsy Armenian and Russian elements and melodic slow movements.

• Sergei Prokofiev – Piano Sonata in A minor no.3 op.28
The sonata composed in 1917 with a subtitle ‘’From the old books’’ derive to sketches he wrote as a teenager. A clearly energetic and virtuoso piece in a single movement sonata form

• Joseph Haydn –Trumpet concerto in Eb major Hob.Vlle:1 (2nd mov)
One of the most famous pieces for trumpet written in 1796 it has been cited as Haydn’s most popular Concerto.

• Arthur Honneger –Intrada (1947)
Despite Honneger was member of Les Six in Paris , which was far from reacting against Romanticism of Wagner and Strauss , Intrada show evidence of influence of the German style.