Games en Interactie: Living Lab Applied Game Jam 2016 in Hilversum 2nd Edition

25 februari 2016 |

Participants Living Lab Applied Game Jam 2016, Photo Niels Keetels Participants Living Lab Applied Game Jam 2016, Photo Niels Keetels

HKU Game and Interaction students worked together with South Korean students from Hoseo University and Postech University to engage in a 40 hour game jam conducted over the course of four days. The theme of this 'Living Lab Applied Game Jam 2016' centered on the coping styles adopted by children at risk due to one or two of their parents dealing with mental illness.

During the game jam kick-off HKU Innovation Studio’s contact expert from the Utrecht Medical Center (UMCU) Department of child and adolescent psychiatry elaborated on the theme. In total more than 75 students participated in the game jam, making up 14 teams and eventually presenting 14 playable games. Several prizes were awarded to the creators of the best games. We've awarded students for Best process, Best gameplay and Best Design.

Two game jams every year

It is the intention of HKU and their partners to host two of these game jams every year: one at our own location, the other hosted by one of our foreign partners. HKU always strives to attract relevant stakeholders so that the results of each jam may be of value to society.

The Living Lab Applied Game Jam is a crash course in the art of applied game design and cross-cultural development. The game jam took place from 16 February to 19 February at HKU’s Hilversum location. It was the second time it's been hosted by HKU Games and Interaction and HKU Music and Technology. Earlier editions of this kind of game jam have been conducted by HKU in Korea and China in cooperation with partners since 2013.

Applied game design

The Living Lab Applied Game Jam 2016 included all sophomore (second year) Games and Interaction students, who participated in the jam as part of their class Project Context. In this project, students are expected to contribute to the research in the field of Applied Game Design by creating an interactive experience, interactive application or game that tackles a societal issue.

Participating in this game jam were HKU Music Technology students, veteran HKU Living Lab Applied Game Jammers and students from Postech (Pohang University of Science and Technology) and Hoseo University in South Korea.