Games en Interactie: interactieve etalage

20 november 2014

Voor de modewinkel Designercafé realiseerden studenten Game Design, Interaction Design en Media Management een interactieve etalage.

Designercafe is a unique kind of clothing store.

At the Designercafe clothes are made by young professional fashion designers, you can combine combinations of clothes and let them custom made for you by those designers.

People can also follow workshops at the Designercafe and learn how to make their own fashion.

The HKU (Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht) and SEA (taskforce innovation Utrecht) gave us a task:
Make an interactive installation to show passers by that they are not just a regular clothing store.
And also try to give people a unique experience which you don't experience on a pc at home.
It had to be as innovative as possible, but still clean and not to difficult/'awkward' for our target to use (mature females who are interested in fashion).

We, 5 Game design students, 2 Interaction design students, and one Media Management student from the HKU, think that we succeeded in making their unique concept clear to the public.

In 10 weeks (4 days a week) we have done:
- Research on interactive installations
- Research on the target
- Making user scenario's, thinking about the interaction, what does our target do, and don't
- Concept thinking (presenting 3 different concepts to the client)
- Hardware (Webcam tracking with OpenTSPS, research on projection materials and methods)
- Visual Design (Photoshoot with model, Interface Design, photo editing)
- Software programming/developing (Unity3D)
- Playtesting (try out a prototype on the public and look what needs to be improved)

- Debugging (fixing the things that need to be improved)