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11 juni 2015

First let me introduce myself. My name is Harm Meurders, a master student at HKU Utrecht Conservatory and co-founder of EduOn Solutions. On the 20st of June I will be playing my final clarinet recital for my Master exam at HKU Utrecht Conservatory. I have enjoyed studying at Utrecht Conservatory a lot and my musical growth in the past two years has gone very fast. I would like to share with you a glimpse of the amazing journey I have experienced during these two years.

During my studies I founded EduOn Solutions with two partners: Pavel Ambroz, a fantastic musician from London, and Jan Ambroz, a very creative software developer. It all started as a simple idea of bringing the benefits of the digital era, mainly the Internet, into the lives of musicians. We spoke about having extra lessons with different teachers out of our physical reach and about a system allowing us to perform the unreachable. And we decided to create such a platform ourselves, and this is how our company and its product eStaccato was born. eStaccato has become a platform for online music lessons. Combining cutting edge software and a social network, eStaccato allows musicians to have real-time music lessons in a fantastic quality wherever they are.

I quickly found out that I could connect my Master study at Utrecht Conservatory with this project. I decided to do my research and internship with my own company, knowing for sure that I could spend my time on what matters the most to me, while benefiting from guidance and help from teachers at the conservatory. This enabled me to learn and work at the same time, learning how to grow as an entrepreneur and a musician. And with my partners in our company, we went through much of entrepreneurial activities: management, human resources, development and marketing to name just a few. I had coaching from many experienced managers, investors and entrepreneurs helping me to grow on so many levels. So looking away from my life as a clarinettist, I have learnt so much over the last two years!

One of my roles in the company was to contact the best teachers and to bring them on board as ambassadors – great individual musicians from countries all over Europe, representing different institutions and instruments, who love and support our idea and want to help us improving our system. I was surprised to learn how many of these teachers are having problems with travelling or performing. And in fact so they became captivated of the possibilities of our system: music lessons with good quality can now be given over the Internet too!

Amongst these ambassadors, there were also marvellous clarinet players and teachers, which would have been out of my reach without eStaccato. Suddenly, it was possible to cut all the travelling time and costs, and I could have countless lessons with these teachers! And the best thing? All for free as they wanted heartily to try eStaccato by themselves. Since the start of testing I have had therefore lessons from a lot of clarinet teachers from all over Europe, helping me to improve my playing and giving me new experiences. This, combined with my regular lessons from my own teachers at the conservatory, has made me a better musician for sure!

As I have learnt how much experiences and qualities working on eStaccato has brought to me, I also started thinking of a way to show this during my final exam. After consulting what was possible I found two amazing ways to incorporate eStaccato into my exam. Without any spoilers I would say: Come to my exam and find out how!

If you want to know more about my exam or eStaccato simply visit (official blog of EduOn Solutions) or register for an account on eStaccato and try the platform by yourself. Of course you can also like us on Facebook ( or follow us on Twitter (@EduOnSolutions).

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Grooving with Gerry Brown.
Grooving with Gerry Brown.
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Meedoen met het Nederlands Blazers Ensemble
Meedoen met het Nederlands Blazers Ensemble
10 januari 2017

Klassiek saxofonist Deborah Witteveen deed mee aan het nieuwjaarsconcert van het Nederlands Blazersensemble: 'Het meespelen in een professioneel ensemble vraagt toch iets anders van je dan de normale werkwijze op het conservatorium.'

Christian Palmieri participated in Morgenland festival
Christian Palmieri participated in Morgenland festival
13 oktober 2016

In a world of culture diversity where values often clash, music hops over across language barriers and unites us no matter our backgrounds. And so, through music, we can come together to make the world a more harmonious place.

Het project van... Manuel Wouthuysen
Het project van... Manuel Wouthuysen
11 mei 2016

Binnenkort studeert Manuel Wouthuysen af aan HKU Utrechts Conservatorium als klassiek- en jazzpianist; een combinatie waarvoor hij twee studies tegelijk heeft gevolgd.

Verslag introductiecursus Historische Instrumenten
Verslag introductiecursus Historische Instrumenten
7 maart 2016

Op 29 februari begon bij de afdeling Historische Instrumenten een introductiecursus voor aanstaande studenten en belangstellende jonge musici,

Wilmar de Visser over Muziekcentrum Splendor
16 februari 2016

Alumnus en initiatiefnemer Wilmar de Visser deelt zijn ervaringen.

Jazz & Pop uitwisseling
25 januari 2016

Jazz & Pop student Daan Quittner beschrijft zijn ervaringen in Duitsland.

Het prototype van Musician 3.0
Het prototype van Musician 3.0
30 november 2015

In september 2011 ging op HKU Utrechts Conservatorium een nieuwe studie van start: Musician 3.0. Creëren, performen én communiceren. Studieleider Tet Koffeman legt uit waarom Musician 3.0 zo bewust inzet op die combinatie.