HKU Design takes you into it's daily reality

Liminal Space

During the Salone del Mobile international design fair, from 14 to 19 April, HKU Design takes you into its daily reality: a flexible, multiform world in which a variety of young designers develop themselves. A liminal space where students jointly experiment, explore and discover, whatever their discipline or field of work. A place where questions are more important than answers. Where designers prepare to move across the limits of what they were into what they are to be.


"During this design fair, I wanted visitors to be able to experience something of our HKU approach," says Marinda Verhoeven, director of HKU Design. "So I asked three recent graduates to translate it into a presentation". The result is a space that cannot be captured in a photograph and will not be the same the next day. "We are creating a space for transition, discussion, contemplation and interaction. This is also where we will have to work from, both in the making process for the exhibition and at the fair itself," explains the design team, which comprises graduates Lieke Jildou de Jong, Arlette Beerenfenger and Nicky Groenewoud.

Photo: Lion van den Brand

About HKU Design

HKU Design trains designers who can stand firmly in this continually transforming world, in which common values are changing at an ever-increasing speed. With clear insight and an open attitude, they create new designs for the right situation. Rather than being a hallowed goal, the product is part of a dialogue with the environment. "In our courses, we focus on reflection and study, to encourage as flexible an attitude as possible in our students," continues Marinda Verhoeven, director of HKU Design. "In our view, that engenders an ability capacity to adapt, which is essential for the designers of the future".


HKU Design is one of the eight schools of HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and offers Bachelor of Design studies in Fashion Design, Product Design, Spatial Design and a Master Interior Architecture.


Within Fashion Design, students develop a personal vision and contribute to new fashion images. The course trains them to become a fashion designer, for example, a design stylist or a fashion communicator. In Product Design, the design discipline is discussed from various points of view: design based on signature, material, concept, interaction and functional use. That produces thinking, investigative, enterprising designers.


In Spatial Design, students develop as spatial designers with their own view of interior, architectural, urban and landscape design solutions. The Master Interior Architecture trains them to become interior architects with a creative, communicative and investigative way of working. Insight into sociological and cultural-social developments is related to spatial designs. The focus is then more on a good design, constructing a spatial identity.