Liminal Space is a collaboration between Lieke Jildou de Jong, Arlette Beerenfenger, Nicky Groenewoud and other alumni and students of HKU Design


Arlette Beerenfenger
Nicky Groenewoud
Lieke Jildou de Jong

Fabricant (Mark&Rob Schevers)

Graphic design

Sammy Hemerik


Het Shot (Ivan Hidayat & Jasper ten Hoor)

Sound design
Tomas Loos

Photography/Film registration

Beeldraak Fotografie (Lion van den Brand)

About Arlette

After graduating from HKU – and winning the HKU-Award for her graduation project PER_PE_TU_UM, Arlette Beerenfenger started working as a visual artist. She is always looking for interaction between disciplines and searches the poetry of undefined fields. She creates experiences based on intuitive feelings and stories; always created with intensity care.

About Nicky

During her study Fashion Communication at HKU Nicky Groenewoud found a way to make critical statements about social issues. While she uses lots of research to built a strong concept, it’s

the visual appealing packaging which ensures that her critical message is transmitted. Her portfolio includes short films, performances and interactive installations.

About Lieke

Lieke Jildou de Jong is spatial designer and teacher in visual research at Product Design at HKU. As graduation project at HKU she developed a design method that involves knowledge sources from outside the creative industry, analyses and re-interpretation of existing values.

About Fabricant

Fabricant is a young dynamic Dutch company located in the centre of the Netherlands and is run by the Schevers brothers. The twins are inspired by vintage objects and antique craft methods and use them in a durable new and refreshing way. Combining old fashioned handcraft with modern technics. One of the brothers is specialized in the field of wood and the other one in steel. Nevertheless all other kinds of raw materials are used for their fanciful creative solutions. Often these raw materials are found in the recycling environment. In this way they are an example for durable enterprising. They build and design creative concepts for festivals, events and companies. The final product can be seen, and are often regarded as, a work of art. Schevers brothers work by their motto: "In tools we trust".

About Sammy

As a designer, I tend to work manually. Distinctive of my work is the combination of illustration and graphic design. I work with an inquisitive mind and choose information attentively. What I ultimately attempt to achieve, is bringing my own view into shape. That’s what I find most fascinating about my profession; the possibility to bring an idea into existence.

About Het Shot (Ivan Hidayat & Jasper ten Hoor)

Het Shot focusses on different kinds of film, like corporate videos, trailers of promotion films. But

our greatest passion lies with (short) genrefilms. From comedic shorts to challenging science fiction or

horror; we shoot everything that moves.

About Tomas Loos

Tomas is a Sound Design student at HKU. Always focussed on the way the world sounds, the vibrations of daily life and the beauty of deep and intense soundscapes. He works on different projects; from 'creating the sound of silence' to a 'techno opera'.

About Beeldraak Fotografie (Lion van den Brand)

Currently I am a student Photography at HKU. My main motives are my family relations, my craving for (self-)knowledge and challenging others in the gaining of new perspectives. In other words: Through photography I am constantly searching for insight and contact. I see my work as a broad research into the technical and social qualities of photography and using that knowledge to interpret the world around me and communicating that to the viewer. My most recent project is about my little brother, who has decided to become a sister.