Ten thousand idiots

Ten thousand idiots

Ten thousand idiots will teach you how to write good plays. But it's also a case study of how we can ease, speed up and deepen the creative process, and what art education for hybrid artists could look like today.

The title Ten thousand idiots refers to the countless voices that live, write and play in us today. Learning to distinguish your inner voices, to play with them and to switch between them at lightning speed, is the basis of the creative process.

About the author
Nirav Christophe is a playwright, was artistic director of the first HBO theatre writing course in the Netherlands for nine years, is an internationally renowned writing teacher and writing educator and has published Het naakte schrijven; over de mythen van het schrijverschap (The naked writing; about the myths of authorship), among other things. Christophe is an expert in the field of creativity processes. At HKU University of the Arts Utrecht he is professor in Performative Processes.

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