Than van Nispen is a lecturer and researcher at HKU School of Music and Technology and the Expertise Centre for Creative Technologies. Than is also a music composer for games and interaction at the GreenCouch composition and sound design collective.

Than (1977) has a master of science degree in Biology at Utrecht University (2002), as well as a European Media Masters of Arts with honours degree in Composition for the Media at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht (2009) and a Master of Music at the University of the Arts Utrecht (2016). He is a board member of MiMM, the Dutch Music Institute MultiMedia and co-founder of DutchGameMusic.

Than's contributions to the domain of interactive music can be found in several video- and art-games, concerts, as well as interactive (art) installations for museums, theatre and the public domain. Some of his recent work includes:

  • Karmaflow: The Rock opera Videogame and live concert (including audience interactive participation) with Metropole Orchestra.
  • Interactive music composition for a 1970 videogame Space Invaders mod, both performed by the Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra at the 2013 Museumnacht in Amsterdam and the International Computer Music Conference 2014 (in a string quartet reduction) and Indie Games Concert 2015.
  • King of Games: an interactive concert for children with concerts performed by both the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the Hague Residentie Orkest.
  • Non-linear compositions, arrangements and development advice for the educative composition tool for children
  • Non-linear music compositions and advice for the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra installation ‘de Orkest Ontdekker’, October 2013.

Than has lectured and given workshops since 2004 at, among others, HKU, the Utrecht University, Sound Education, EsArt (Portugal), Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (China), MediaSoundHamburg (Germany).


  • Publication and demo at the 2007 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Belfast: ‘Two Network Installations’ Interactive generative art installation, performed by an ensemble of networked computers.
  • Publication and demo at the ICMC 2011, Huddersfield : ‘nln-player: a system for non- linear music in games’
  • Publication, presentation and concert at the ICMC 2014, Athens : ‘NLN-live, an application for live non-linear and interactive instrumental music’