Rens Machielse has been engaged for almost thirty years as a freelance composer for audiovisual media. In addition, he was the co-owner of a music recording and audio postproduction studio.

During this career he composed and produced music for over two hundred media productions (animation, tv fiction, documentary, corporate identity, advertisement and feature film).  Several productions were awarded prizes for best film music (a.o. Best Original Score New York Festivals 2007). He has been affiliated with HKU since 1990.

Apart from being the director of HKU Music & Technology, he is also a senior lecturer and researcher in composition for audiovisual media. He has been publishing his views on education and music and sound design in audiovisual media through presentations, keynotes, columns and articles. He is a member of the Editorial Board of The New Soundtrack and co-founder of MIMM, the Dutch Music Institute Multi Media.

He holds a Master of Philosophy degree from Bournemouth University, based on his thesis about interaction and collaboration in narrative postproduction. His main areas of interest are design methods, strategies and processes in multidisciplinary collaboration. He combines his educational and research activities in these areas in close collaboration with the industry (alumni etc.) through developing curricula, (guest) lectures, presentations and other forms of publication at various locations and in various media such as SoundTrack Cologne, Dutch Film Festival, AEC, Journal of New Media Practice, FFACE, ProAudio+Visie and the Dutch Directors Guild.