Marc Groenewegen (1962) was educated as a software- and hardware-engineer. He started his career with Philips Research, using psycho-acoustic models for data compression of audio and making software and hardware for performing research in that field. During those years he followed various additional courses in the field of systems- and software-design, digital signal processing and UNIX/Linux system management.

Marc has been teaching at HKU since November 2000, initially about programming for the internet. He joined the Music & Technology department in February 2002 to participate in the European MEDIATE project (Multisensory Environment Design for an Interface between Autistic and Typical Expressiveness) as a member of the development team. Some of his main contributions were the behaviour analysis software and a system heartbeat monitor.

From early 2002 until today Marc teaches a range of subjects in the field of software design for music applications.
Starting in 2006 Marc set up the course program 'INF', which aims at bringing up and developing programming talent in students in close cooperation with other Music and Technology disciplines and creating awareness that the world is created by the collaborative efforts of individuals, including our students.
In recent years Marc started leading the technical staff of the Music & Technology department.

Marc is an active participant in the Linux Audio community and, since organising the Linux Audio Conference in 2010 at HKU in Utrecht, contributes to this annual event.

Marc organises the monthly open source music & sound special interest group Horus.

In September 2014 Marc set out on the path towards a Master of Music degree and is currently performing research in the field of how people learn to play an instrument and how technology can help.