These courses are taught in Dutch. There are some exchange possibilities available for students in the 2nd and 3rd year of the study program. They will be supervised in English.

To apply for the regular 4-year bachelor program you must be able to function in the Dutch language.

Composition Electronic Music

This Bachelor of Music course educates composers inspired by new musical concepts and compositional methods using technology. The focus is on composing ‘organized sound’, which can be played live or produced in a studio.

Composition for the Media

This Bachelor of Music course educates composers of music used in film, tv, theater, dance, advertising, animation, documentary, radio, internet, games or dvd-rom. The focus is on modern music production methods.

Composition and Music Production

This Bachelor of Music course educates musicians with a personal vision on the composition and production of music. Using modern music production methods, you will start to create live performances of your musical productions and compositions.

Music Design for Games and Interaction

This Bachelor of Music course educates composers and sound designers. The focus is on creating music and/or sound for adaptive systems such as computer games, interactive or adaptive installations and for theatre productions. You will design systems and continue to develop them from a musical point of view.