The city of Utrecht is located within 30 minutes from Amsterdam and a few hours from major cities in Europe, like Paris, Berlin and London.

Art, history and student life

Utrecht has a rich history and is home to a great many monuments – ranging from Roman times through the Middle Ages to 20th-century architecture. The canals that are lined with wharf cellars and inviting terraces, old churches and naturally the impressive tower of the Dom cathedral add to the city’s ambience. Students make up a large part of the population of Utrecht, which offers all the facilities that could be expected of a true student city.

Culture is important to Utrecht. Each year, more than 650,000 people visit the renowned museums, nearly a million visitors attend events such as the Blues Festival, the Netherlands Film Festival, the Festival of Early Music, the Festival a/d Werf and the Utrecht Design Biennial, while about two million people make use of facilities such as cinemas, theatres and music centres. Furthermore, of all Dutch cities, Utrecht is the city with most people working in a creative profession.

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