The Living Lab Game Jam is HKU's signature way of providing a platform for intercultural exchange through game development. Want to join? Become a partner now!

What is an applied game jam?

HKU prides itself on having developed the concept of the applied game jam in an eductional environment. Game jams are creative pressure cookers in which designers, programmers and artists aim to create a fully playable game (or prototype) in a short period of time, often no longer than 48 hours.

An applied game jam is thematically linked to a real world problem or challenge, such as education, health care or sustainability. Participants try to create a game that raises awareness about the challenge, encourages a certain kind of behaviour or motivates players to figure out possible solutions.

Why organise a game jam?

The goal of the applied game jam is not necessarily to have one or more fully playable games at the end, but rather to let creators wrestle with the problem at hand and encourage creative, out-of-the-box thinking.

The international scope of HKU's applied game jams, in which students from different countries and cultures work together in teams, has proven attractive to third parties such as governments, industries and NGO's who frequently supply a 'wicked problem' they're grappling with.

Why should you join?

For students, creating applied games is an innovative way to explore, think about and generate solutions for real-world challenges. At the same time, they meet and interact with fellow students from other countries and cultures. This serves to prepare them for living and working in an increasingly connected world.

For teachers, instructors and faculty, an applied game jam offers opportunities for professional growth. It is an excellent way to get informed about new didactic methods and learn how things are done in other countries and cultures. Cooperation with outside partners like governments or companies offers additional educational value.

All participants benefit from networking opportunities, a free exchange of ideas and increased intercultural competency.

Yes, I want to join!

Want to join us for an applied game jam? Are you a teacher, instructor or educator in a relevant field? Please contact us by sending a mail to Mr. Niels Keetels, educator and researcher at HKU:

Upcoming events:

Kickoff event Applied Game Jam

February 4, 2019 - 13:00 hrs

Utrecht University Educatorium
Leuvenlaan 9, Utrecht

Main event Applied Game Jam

February 5 till February 8, 2019

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht

Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan 50, Utrecht

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Mr. Niels Keetels