HKU carries out a wide range of research and innovation projects with various objectives and partners.

We give an impression here of the varying nature of the projects, which receive support from the European Union, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EP-Nuffic, the Province of Utrecht and other patrons. The projects have social relevance, are related to the professional field or have educational objectives.


Community Songwriting

Ongoing since 2009

Music is a powerful medium. A connection between composer and listener can be anonymous and coincidental, but also personal and intentional – as in the HKU Community Songwriting project. In this project, two individuals from different cultures come together to tell a story.

Road To Happiness


The Road To Happiness is a longterm campaign by development organisation Plan Nederland, which is being developed for and by young people in The Netherlands. The campaign aims to make them aware of the barriers that young women come up against in developing countries. In collaboration with HKU, Plan Nederland has developed media products for the campaign. View all products


Since 2010 (prototype) until present (development)

Moodbot is a concept that helps psychiatric patients to get actively involved in their own treatment process, and so increase their motivation and management, and reduce the workload of doctors. Playful interventions and elements redefine and redesign patients’ experiences during their treatment.

Assistants Safe Mobility


The aim of the ASSAM project is to compensate declining physical and cognitive skills in elderly people by developing modular navigation assistants that revolve around the user. This provides users with reliable everyday possibilities for mobility and autonomy, both indoors and outdoors.


Living Lab Game Jams

Ongoing since 2013

Since 2013 game jams are organised in The Netherlands and South Korea alternately. Twice a year students from these two countries join forces for 48 hours to develop applied games that offer solutions to social challenges.

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Klinkende pleinen

Ongoing since 2011

Outdoor sound can be regarded as disturbing, but also as a design factor. In the project Klinkende Pleinen (Sounding Squares) by HKU Music and Technology, environmental sound becomes part of the planning and design of buildings and cities.



Game Jams have been organised all over the world for a few years already and they are powerful instruments for stimulating innovation in making, designing and using games. During a working weekend, people from different sectors are brought together for 48 hours to brainstorm about challenging subjects. JamToday is the first European Network that organises game jams with a focus on serious games. JamToday is part of the HKU Professorship Play Design.

The JamToday Network explained by JamToday members.

Game Scope

Since 2014 until present (app available)

Game Scope is a tool that has been developed to help clients who are commissioning serious games to formulate their commission better. Asking certain questions clarifies what is needed to develop a game further. This way of cooperation between clients and developers fosters efficiency and innovation.

Technologies and Innovation for Smart Publishing


The publishing sector is completely immersed in the digital era and an increasing number of books are also being made available digitally. New products and services are being created, such as applications, improved e-books, e-learning material and digital collections based on cloud technology, etc. The aim of the European thematic TISP network is to create a platform on which medium-sized publishing firms and technology providers can meet one another. Mutual unfamiliarity is thus reduced and people inspire each other to develop new products and services.




CREA is a network of summer academies, within the framework of the European programme Horizon2020. It's aim is to support innovative start-up teams with a business idea on the cutting edge of technology and creativity.



Europe is still feeling the effects of the economic crisis every day. One of the biggest problems is high youth unemployment. In the Erasmus+ project Gamebiz, a model will be developed for promoting entrepreneurship in education and thus creating jobs. ‘Breeding grounds for entrepreneurship’ will be set up in intermediate vocational education in the field of games.